Hairstyles: Pretty Summer Braids

Hey CGCDaily.com readers! It’s Alana Udwin here from Joller Girl. Whether your tanning by the pool, cooking for a barbecue, or shopping at flea market, braids look cute with every outfit for any occasion! Braid hairstyles are perfect for the easy breezy summer days because they get your hair out of your face, which makes your glowing summer makeup shine even more! Here are some very pretty summer braid hairstyles found on Pinterest.

ec8f87127a70e90850d45b8eed1253eaThis hairstyle is the perfect example of using pretty braids to get your hair out of your face. These two pulled back braids wrapped around her head is such a gorgeous, simple look!
d3e57b8e25002acffd478ea79d5bb74bSophia Bush surely pulls off this cute little braid hairstyle.
830ba518bbb8380922dfc1d208c88700 This waterfall braid is stunning for those summer nights when you are either going on a date or maybe a wedding! It is such an elegant look and so easy to do!bc01374e3206fa3755f40a9affca03d0 I adore this slick ponytail braid. It is so clean and stylish! Show off your beautiful face and pull back that hair!cb12f6cf21b3ae6da80928719ceb1d49This side fishtail braid hairstyle is so sultry and sexy. Celebrities are frequently rocking this hairstyle because it looks amazing with every outfit no matter how fancy or casual!
638fb5dad9216d0b6ba65e13bfdfe40e This half up half down fishtail braid hairstyle is so pretty for summer, especially for those casual days out in the sun with friends.ee3bbd70d8a9289f8221378b4edd5a25Sneaky little side braid makes for such a sexy, subtle hairstyle!

I hope you enjoy all of these looks! They are so easy to do and they look fabulous on every type of hair!

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