5 secrets of achieving work life balance

Is there a formula for creating more work life balance? Probably not, we all have to find our very own key to happiness and work life balance. But we all have one in common. We all want to have a good job. We all are longing for a loving family (or at least a person we can lean one) and a healthy lifestyle. But at the end of an usual work day there is to less time or energy or both for meeting friends, having a date night or doing sports. There may not be a common formula that fits us all, but there are some secrets that can help us mastering work life balance. So don´t let your life become a hectic nightmare.

1. Delegation and prioritization of tasks
If you do feel overworked every time you leave your office, you are probably overloaded with tasks. Before this dilemma leads to serious health problems – stress can cause insomnia, heart attacks or cancer – think twice if it´s worth it. You don´t have to handle all tasks by your one, delegate some to others. Prioritize your tasks. Not all tasks have to be done by today.

2. Quality time reminder
We are using for our work life technical help. We are working with schedules and managing apps like Asana. So why should´t we use all this small helpers for our private life? Our schedule shall also maintain tasks like calling your wife/husband/sister/brother/mother/father/besties and getting enough sleep etc.

3. Spend time with people who matter most
Time is so precious and nowadays due to hectic lifestlye more than ever. So don´t spend it on people who aren´t good for you. Learn who is really your friend and who is good for you and don´t waste time on people stealing your energy.

4. Say ´no´
If you are one of those persons, who can not easily say no to people, like to the boss, friends and family, you shall learn it. Neither if you are afraid of losing your job or having troubles with a family member or afraid of losing friends, sometimes it´s necessary to say no, doesn´t matter how hard it might be. And in most cases nothing bad will happen. In first place it´s you that matters most. You should take care of yourself, otherwise everything will get out of whack. Others have to respect your bounderies like you have to respect theirs. And the most important fact, you have to respect your personally bounderies as well.

5. Use the off button
This means turn off your cellphone, tablet and notebook as often as possible in your spare time. You don´t have to check every mail immediately after receiving and to take every call. When you are on vacation then you are on vacation. When you are having a romantic dinner, then let it be romantic without technical interruptions. To use the off buttion is hard to do, so you can do it in pieces. Just start doing it and you will get used to it with time.

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