Resistance to Change?

It is gone. Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick, Raspberry Bite is discontinued. No longer manufactured. After a lengthy internet search, I found my lipstick $8.00 lipstick for sale for $48. I temporarily abandoned the thought process of a rational person and convinced myself that of the thousands lip colors and formulas available, no other product would work for me. I placed my order and sat back from my computer with a sense of victory immediately followed by the stark recognition, I’m resistant to change.

The reaction to change is personal and is either positive or negative. What happens when the reaction is negative? In most case, you are told of a change not invited to a debate on the merits of a change. Yet, we act as if we are. There is angst that needs to be expressed but more importantly there is an imperative to move on. What’s the balance? From a practical view, think of change like a missed train; it doesn’t matter if the train left to early or if you were almost on the train. The here and now is the train has left the station. In between intermittent fits of anger, frustration and disbelief, action needs to be taken to avoid missed opportunities.

What’s the impact to you?  

Are you going to be late? Are you connecting to another train? Is someone meeting you?

Can you live with it?

You missed the train. Can you stay where you are? Do you have to take the trip?

What are your options?

Can you take another train? Is there another mode of transportation?


Business changes range from small to large as do the reactions to change. In the midst of the anger, frustration and disbelief you have to move forward. Remember, delay can cause missed opportunities. The change is done, you can’t control change, but you can control your attitude. Can you live with it is the key question; otherwise are you willing and able quit? Often it sounds too simple for the complexities of change. Resist the urge to over indulge in group complaint sessions. The change is done, not up for debate and complaining is only going to mess with your brain chemistry and frustrate you more.

Change happens. What you can control is your attitude. In the workplace, the expedited course of action is to choose to accept the change or find a new situation. Hysterics will do little except exhaust you and bore others. Now time to take my business lessons to beauty. I found a new lip color. To my delight and surprise, the Sonia Kashuk Lustrous Shine Lip Crayon, Dahlia 01 works great. Smooches.

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