Tricks to Successfully Work from Home

In recent years there has been an increase in self employment and in home based employees. Working from home definitely comes with a lot of pros. One of them is having more time with the partner, kids and pets. On the other hand it is easy to get distracted. Maintaning a professional attitude will help you to stay focused and successful. Here some advices:

Set the alarm
Get early every morning like you would if you had to go to an office. You can´t be successful if you sleep the day away!

Make your bed and get dressed
Don´t stay the whole day in pyjamas. This can effect your productivity negatively.

Define a work space
Maybe you are lucky enough to have an extra room at home that you can use as your office. If not so, define a corner in the kitchen or in the living room as your work space.

Stick to the schedule you set
Define when you start working and when you quit. Don´t forget a work life balance is so important for your happiness. Get sure you have enough time for yourself, your family and friends.

When you are sick take the day off
When you are ill than you are ill. Take this day off and give your body the chance to recover fully.

Go out of the house at lunch break
Leaving your house for few minutes will help you to free your mind. Your brain needs fresh air. You don´t have to have lunch outside every day, you can go for a walk instead.

Set ground rules with your family and friends
Being at home does not mean that you are available all the time for your beloved ones. You have to stay focused on work so turn down your private mobile phone and set clear bounderies with your family and friends.

Keep your desk clean
Clear the clutter from your desk on a daily basis. Get sure that at the end of each work day everything is at it´s place.

Take breaks
In some companies employees have to take a 10 minutes break after 50 minutes of work or a 20 minutes break after working 100 minutes in order to maximize productivity. Little breaks help your brain to boost energy.

Forget multitasking
Stay focused on one task at a time. If you try to concentrate on several projects or tasks at the same time, the quality of your work will suffer.

Change the work location
Working from home can lead to having cabin-fever. In this case it is recommended to work from a different location (like café, library or garden) to avoid this issue.

Avoid doing housework
It´s hard to ignore the dishes in the sink and not to do the laundry or not to replace the paper towel roll, but doing housework during your work time will cost you time and you will not be able to complete your to do list.

Be flexible
Take advantage of working from home. This means if something is destroying you plans for the day, like an ill kid, don´t get stressed. You can complete your tasks tomorrow too.

If you have additional tips and tricks feel free to share in the comments area!

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