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5 Things That Define Your Personal Style

When I was little, my style was defined by pink, ruffles, more pink, and more ruffles. I guess not much has changed. But, seriously, as I’ve gotten older there are certain items in my closet that have changed. I mean, I could not go to work at a law firm every day in a pink ruffle dress, could I? As we get older, our style becomes more refined. We figure out who we are, what we like and what defines our style. You may not even realize that you’ve done this already. The items in your closet are what define your style. Not all the items of course. I mean, I do in fact have a bright pink fluffy tulle skirt in my closet. Hey, we all have those items in our closet that remind us of something growing up, right? So here are the items in your closet that define your style, I bet you maybe didn’t even realize you’d made a decision!

1. Accessories. What kind of accessories do you have in your closet? Are you a hat person like me? Or do you love statement necklaces? Maybe you like simple and understated pieces of jewelry. Either way, the accessories you reach to in your closet really are like icing on an outfit. They define the uniqueness of your personal style.

2. Colors. Are you like me and have a rainbow of colors in your closet? Or do you stick to a typical “New York” style wardrobe of black, grey and shades of white.

3. Shoes. Some might put shoes in a category with accessories. I look at shoes as a category in and of themselves. Which probably says a lot about my style. Do you have different colors of shoes? Do you have every style imaginable? What about boots? What you put on your feet can really tell a story about how you’re feeling that day or how you feel about style. Whether you wear flats or heels can really define your style.

4. Patterns. Are you a pattern mixer? Or do you just have a lot of solid pieces in your closet? Are you a risk taker when it comes to pattern mixing or you just keep it simple and classic?

5. Trendy Items. Do you go out and buy the most recent trends whenever they hit the stores? Or do you wait to see what sticks before making an investment? Maybe you include a combination of both in your closet, like me. Either way, if you ascribe to the latest trends or stick to your own personal style, regardless of whether it’s “on trend” or not says almost everything about your personal sense of style!

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