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6 Signs You Have A Shopping Addiction

Holiday sales, store credit cards and other marketing gimmicks make it easy to become a full fledged shopaholic. Everyone has made impulse buys but a few impulse buys under your belt isn’t going to lead to a room filled with your closest family and friends demanding you get help intervention style but then there are those whose impulsive shopping turns into compulsive shopping. Read on to find out if you have a shopping addiction that has you on your way to becoming the spokesperson for Shopaholics Anonymous.

You have a shopping addiction if….

  1. The sales people know you on a first name basis– Every store you visit you are greeted by salespeople questioning you about your promotion at work, your cousins wedding and your new car you might need to take a break from retail therapy…at this rate regular therapy would be cheaper.
  2. You accidentally order the same thing twice-You have so many clothes and more importantly so many clothes that have never seen life outside of your over stuffed closet you can’t even keep track of what you already own, no wonder you think that new shirt you just ordered is tres chic, you already own it in more colors than are in the rainbow.
  3. Everything is something you really need-Every purchase you make is justified because it is a necessity that you cannot go on living without; like those neon colored harem pants, the heels SJP was pictured in last week and the leather moto jacket that cost more than a month’s rent but now those must –haves have all found a new home on the bottom of your closet floor.
  4. Your closet is filled with unopened unused items-Your closet is filled with so many items with the tags still on them you could open your own department store and it would actually be a lucrative business.
  5. You get a sense of excitement when you make a purchase any purchase-A shopping trip even when it’s just to the grocery store to buy milk and toilet paper gives you the same adrenaline rush as if you just bungee jumped or scored a date with that cute guy from the gym.
  6. An argument or frustration leads to a shopping spree-Your boss ask you to stay late on Friday, that new diet “helped” you to gain five pounds and your dog isn’t as excited to see you when you get home as he usually is and two hours later there is barely enough room for you and all your shopping bags in your car and you own an SUV with third row seating.

If these describe your shopping habits, you may have a shopping addiction….remember admitting you have a problem is the first step.


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