Pastel Hair Colors:Color of Your Dreams or Epic Nightmare?

We all know spring is here, and that means pastel colors! Pastels are so pretty this time of year considering we have been so used to dreary and dark colors from winter. We finally can get away from the darkness and brighten up our days. Mints, lilacs, and cotton candy pink, have been showing up not only in apparel and cosmetics, but hair colors are making the Spring transition as well. When I think of pastels, I think of delicate flowers, a sun dress or maybe even gel polish for my next manicure, but I wouldn’t consider pastels as a color of choice for my hair. Keeping up with your hair is hard enough as it is with highlights, coloring, styling, cutting, etc. I can only imagine the keep up and the struggles it truly takes to get the perfect pastel shade.

Many celebrities have been opening their arms completely to this new hair trend and most are having fun with it. Some completely transformed their color fully or some did an ombre to have the color be a bit more subtle. Using these delicate Spring colors can be fun, but time consuming and more of a hassle rather than a help to change your look. Most celebrities that have done this don’t look too bad, but I’m sure it took them more than once to get it to where they imagined it.

The reality of this pretty pastel hair trend is that it’s pretty for a short while, but the maintenance and after math of it all is probably more stressful. To keep your hair color healthy and vibrant, your hair needs to be moisturized to get the full advantage of the color. Color lightning is actually the most damaging hair coloring process you can do to your hair, compared to changing a light color to a more vibrant color. I think the idea is fun and maybe worth trying with clip in extensions or temporary hair dye that washes off in the shower, but to make that permanent pastel color commitment is a lot to take on. So, if your thinking of making a drastic or even slightly new hair color, truly think about the maintenance and time it will consume from you to keep up with it before you take that style plunge.

Here are some photos of celebs who took the plunge to pretty pastel hair. What do you think?

Kristen Stewart

 Demi Lovato

Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa Hudgens

Katy Perry

Julianne Hough

 Hilary Duff

 Miley Cyrus


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