Pony Tail Enthusiasts, This Creation is for You

Attention all pony tail enthusiasts, pay attention, this creation is definitely for you! Every girl always has a hair tie on her wrist for easy access so at any point in our day when we need to throw our hair up we can. Sometimes you don’t want to wear one on your wrist because it doesn’t look good with your outfit or it ends up leaving your wrist with a line around it. Someone has come up with a genius idea to disguise our hair ties and make them look like just another everyday bracelet.

Founder of BitterSweet Shireen Thor created this built-in hair tie bracelet with her husband. She claims to be a problem solver, so when she saw that people were asking for a way to still wear a hair tie on their wrist, but in someway have it look more attractive. “The bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women.” Well, women asked and now they have received that wrist relief.

All bracelets are steel-plated and come in a silver, gold, and rose gold finishes. These bracelets are decently affordable ranging from $45.00-$85.00. This purchase is definitely something to consider and the bracelets are so unique. Such a great idea to have a fashionable cover up for hair ties so you can take away that “tacky” feeling when your wearing a hair tie on your wrist everyday.



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Nik Mastrosimone

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