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Top 10 Must Have Summer Accessories

This summer is coming faster than you think, it’s time to start updating your accessory collection. Here are my top 10 must-haves that you should add to upgrade your accessory game!

1. Body Chains: (shoulder, back, full body, thigh) So many options and so many different looks! Have fun with it.

2.  Chokers (Layering chokers): From quarter moons to flower charms, ribbon chokers with these charms are a cute and simple way to add some flare to any outfit. 

3. Statement necklaces: From inspirational words to your personal name/ initial, these necklaces are fun and unique for anyone. 

4. Initial rings: Something little, inexpensive, and simple to add to your jewelry collection. 

5. Crocheted shoulder bags: Adds some texture to your overall outfit and look. Not your average bag. 

6. Small face/ thinner watches: Out with the big in with the small, smaller is better lately when it comes to watches. Fun prints and colors, or even if neutrals are more your style, small watches are a great addition to anyones jewelry box. 

7. Fun Fedoras: Try something different with a black or brown fedora. Some are plain or some have some bows or texture to them. Whichever you prefer for your wardrobe, there are plenty of options to choose from.

8. Flash tattoos: Silver and gold, whichever you prefer. Pick some out and show them off.

9. Round sunglasses: Round glasses are coming out to play and there looking better than ever before.

10. Thick-heeled shoes: Sick of wanting to go out and wear fun heels, fear no more! Now you can actually walk easier and look fabulous with thick heeled shoes this summer. 

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Nik Mastrosimone

I am a recent FIDM grad and currently reside in the city of dreams, Los Angeles California. I've always been a fashion enthusiast, my passion for the fashion world grows each day as I continue to gain knowledge of this industry. In my near future I hope to create a women's clothing brand. I hope that with this brand I can eventually collaborate with prestigious designers and retailers in the industry. My overall goal is to be an asset to the fashion industry and make a difference in the fashion community.. I have an A.A.S degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and an A.A. degree in Merchandise Marketing. I have my own blog, in addition to working for CGC Daily!