Transition your wardrobe into Autumn

It’s September, which means all the Autumn lines are in the stores, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming back,  and you’re desperate to wear all your new fall things and crunch in leaves looking adorable in a sweater and boots, but it’s still 80+ degrees outside. Don’t worry, being one of the Autumn people myself, I’ve got a few ways to work your Autumn favorites in to your last days of summer wardrobe.

First, change up your makeup. Keep your eyeshadows in the fall color family, gold, dark green, burgundy, and dark browns. The Lorac Pro Palette has every color you could possibly need to create the perfect fall eye look. Finish with your favorite dark red lipstick, Nars Cruella is to dye for, or a nice rich berry lip and you’ve got a flawless fall makeup.

autumn MakeupFor your weekend outfit, choose things that will keep you cool but in fall patterns. Since the 90’s are back in a big way, channel Cher Horowitz and wear a tartan skirt, with a tee and some sheer black tights. You’ll be cooler than if you were wearing trousers, but definitely giving off an autumn vibe with your outfit. Pull out your new ankle boots you’ve been dying to wear, and if you’re feeling brave top off the look with a hat.

cher horowitzFor work wear a pair of black slacks and and a silky tee in a fall color like gray or khaki. Pair with a dainty gold necklace, burgundy loafers and a brown leather or suede tote. For the chilly office air con bring a lightweight cardigan.

work outfitThe key to flawless fall outfits is layers in rich colors and textures. To make this work for warmer weather keep the clothing lightweight and thin, and make the colors and textures do the work for you. A rich suede shoe, and a dark colored tee will look Autumn appropriate without making you want to hang out in front of the office refrigerator all day.

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