Unspoken Suit Rules Your Man Should Know


A true misconception is that men have it a lot easier when it comes to looking their best. Women have to do their hair, nails, pick out the perfect outfit and not to mention our makeup, but what about men? What exactly do they do to get ready? Believe it or not, most men take into consideration how they look and what they are wearing because they want to dress to impress! Now of course ladies, it isn’t taken nearly to the extents that we take it to, but you have to admire the men that really put in the effort to make a great impression.

If your man is more of a t-shirt and jeans type of guy that’s okay too! Casual is just as sexy as suited up. Some men acquire more fashion forward knowledge than others, but it is completely possible to give your man advice if he isn’t exactly sure how to dress for a certain event.

Below, I’ve put together unspoken suit rules your man should know to dress to the nines.


Rule #1 

Make sure that his tie is always darker than his dress shirt. The tie should reach his waistline or slightly above in length and can be knotted in a full or half windsor knot. Bow ties are also another option as well.

Rule #2

Depending on what type of style he is going for, determines the width of the tie. A more modern look calls for a skinnier tie while a wider tie adds an old fashioned characteristic.

Rule #3

There are quite a bit of must haves for the suit jacket itself. For one, the jacket should be long enough to cover your man’s behind as well as his front zipper. To know that the jacket fits properly, make sure there is no gap between the lapel of the jacket and the collar of his dress shirt.

Rule #4

Add accessories such as a pocket square, cuff links, a tie clip and a watch to complete the outfit. This is where your man’s personality can really show! Using fun patterned pocket squares or even intricate shaped cuff links.

Rule #5

Adding a vest to his suit adds more style to the overall look, but can actually be quite practical.  A vest is to be worn with single-breasted suits so it can be seen. Not only does a vest create a more formal look, but it can be a lot warmer if worn in a colder climate. If a vest is worn without the jacket, make sure to have the bottom button undone.

Rule #6

As far as your man’s dress pants go, make sure they are folded onto a hanger to prevent wrinkles. The length of the pant hem should end right at the tops of his shoes. If he sits down, it is imperative that his socks are a dark color and long enough so that no leg is exposed.

Rule #7

One of the top unspoken suit rules your man should know is that his belt MUST match his shoes. Whether he decides to go with black leather shoes or brown shoes, the belt must correlate so the outfit stays cohesive.

Rule #8

Be sure to go with a suit that is a light grey, charcoal grey or dark, navy blue. A black suit can be saved for funerals, weddings and other occasions that require it.

Rule #9

If your man sweats a lot, see that he wears an undershirt that won’t be visible.

Rule #10  

His suit jacket should always be open when he is sitting down or about to sit down to prevent ruining the suit.


Becoming aware of these rules is a great way to keep your man’s fashion sense up to date. Whether you both are attending a sophisticated event or he is just exploring ways to keep his attire looking sharp, knowing how to properly wear a suit is the best way to make a show-stopping appearance.


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