How To Quit Eating Sugar

I’ve always been interested in keeping up with the latest discoveries in the health and food industry and one topic that seems to be reoccurring is sugar and it’s effects on the human body. Although sugar is needed in our bodies, the average amount that is consumed daily is more than our bodies arable to break down. Sugar is truly a silent killer in a way because somehow it sneaks its way in most of the foods we eat. It can be more, if not just as addicting as a drug.

Food companies have been paying for expensive marketing techniques such as commercials and other advertisements for many years in order to attracted consumers to their products. They use techniques such as having celebrities endorse their products. This is how a consumer develops an emotional and unhealthy attachment to food because they then are convinced that they “need” that sugar, that candy bar and the junk food to be happy.

Some companies advertise for healthier versions of their products by using phrases such as “low carb” or “sugar free” in order to convince consumers that their products are healthier and better for you. These are definitely foods to stay away from. The real truth is that is low carb foods are usually replaced with loads of sugar. Diet sodas are a great example of this.

People hear the word diet¬†and are convinced that because a food or drink is diet, it is automatically much healthier when in fact it is the opposite. It’s important to remember when it comes to diet soda, it is NOT healthier. Diet soda is possibly even worse because it contains sugar substitutes and not even real sugar. Soda is soda and it is never going to be healthy because of how much sugar it has in it. On average, a regular 12 ounce can of soda contains about 33 grams of sugar and useless calories that overtime, are stored into our bodies as fat.

Not only does sugar make it harder to lose weight, but consuming large amounts daily can cause severe anxiety, depression, insomnia and skin problems.

Realizing how harmful large amounts of sugar can be on our bodies is the first step in changing the foods we eat and the type of lifestyles we live. Here’s a list on how to quit eating sugar and start developing a healthier you.


1. Drink More Water– Instead of having soda throughout the day or with your meals, switch over to water. Your body needs at least eight glasses of water a day and soda can be adding empty calories to your diet. If this is harder than you thought, add some lemon slices to your water or start off with some black tea.

2. Avoid All Processed Foods– Stay away from any food that is prepackaged or canned because those are the foods that contain the most added sugar. Really start to read the labels of the snacks and foods you’d normally buy and see how much sugar they contain. You might be really surprised.

3. Fresh Produce– When grocery shopping, purchase anything that is freshly grown such as fruits and vegetables. You may even want to consider growing some fruits, vegetables and herbs in your backyard. Gardening and growing fresh foods is a great hobby and easy way to stick to healthy eating.

3.¬†Exercise– Go for a run when you get a craving for sugary foods. If cardio really isn’t your thing, try something a little more fun like yoga or take a dance class.

4. Have Support– It’s important for your family and friends to be aware of your lifestyle change and get them involved too. It’s a lot easier to make a big change when you have someone along by your side the whole way.

5. Satisfy Cravings– If you find that you want to indulge in lots of dessert and other sugary foods, make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in the food you’re eating throughout the day. Fill your meals with protein packed foods such a lean chickens, fresh greens, hard boiled eggs and berries. These foods are made to keep your brain and body full nourished and keep you from digging into the cookie jar.


It’s very easy to forget how harmful sugar can be to our bodies when it’s usually the main ingredient to most of the foods on the shelf at the grocery store. Remember that it is important to know how to quit eating sugar in the the first place in order to stay focused and healthy. To keep your body in the best condition possible, always eat right, drink enough water, exercise and keep toxins away and this is a sure way to live a longer, fuller life.

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