The Importance of Sleep

When we were little, it was always a struggle to go to bed early especially if we had school the next day. Now as an adult, sleep is a truly beautiful concept. Like a nutritious diet. sleep is just as important to our overall health. Not getting enough sleep can leave lifelong effects on your body and mind. It’s crucial to know and understand the importance of sleep and the effects it has on your body if you don’t get enough of it.

First off, the recommended number of hours a person should be sleeping per night is anywhere from seven to nine hours. The truth is on average, an american adult gets only about five to seven hours of sleep per night. If a person goes for a long period of time with only about one to five hours of sleep per night,  the health risks can be serious.


These are the health risks constant insomnia has on the brain:

  • A higher risk of diabetes
  • difficulty learning new tasks
  • memory loss
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • slower thought process
  • difficulty coming to logical conclusions
  • slower math skills
  • lack of imagination
  • lack of focus
  • blurred vision
  • hallucinations
  • bad judgement


Not only does the lack of sleep effect our brain, but it also causes major issues to our body such as:

  • ┬ástores body fat
  • salty/sweet food cravings
  • weight gain
  • higher risk of a stroke
  • dark under eye circles
  • sore muscles
  • longer healing time for cuts and open sores


To avoid these potential health risks its important to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. It is told to us all the time, but these harmful effect are the real reason why. So what can someone do to make sure they stay on the right track and get enough sleep?

  • establish a regular nightly routine
  • turn off all distractions at night such as electronic devices or other noises
  • set a comfortable temperature in your place
  • try new methods to find what helps you naturally sleep better such as taking baths, exercise before bed or a nature sound machine


If none of these methods seem to work, it is recommended to ask your doctor for advice on what could help you fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night. Getting the correct amount of sleep each night is just another way we take care of ourselves they way we do when we eat healthy or exercise. With a regular sleeping pattern, we are able to wake up feeling good and healthy while accomplishing any task that life brings us.






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