Ways To Ease Anxiety And Stress

Everyone has a different stress tolerance level. Some find that every little thing might cause them extreme anxiety, and others may feel that the little things are no big deal and they never break a sweat. Some issues in our daily lives that may cause us major stress are things such as money/bills, work, and our personal lives with family, friends and loved ones. The truth is, that most of the time we aren’t always able to control the outcome of different situations in our lives, but we are ALWAYS in control of the way we react to these situations.

Everyone also has different ways of dealing with constant stress. I find that keeping an overall positive attitude during these times is the best way to get through them. Whatever it is that you decide to do to alleviate the pressure in your life, make sure it is something that can be beneficial to you and promote good vibes to those around you as well. Here are some of my favorite ways to ease anxiety and stress and easily elevate my mood.


Work It Out – Whenever my mind is racing and I feel as though things in my life are spinning out of control, exercising is typically my go-to source of stress relief. I enjoy yoga, running and any form of cardio really. Not only is exercise and running extremely beneficial to cardiovascular health, but it releases endorphins to promote a positive feelings. Most people would say that they don’t have time to workout everyday, but even if you find that your schedule is just too busy, try to squeeze in an hour or even thirty minutes before or after work.


Sleep- I know this one seems a bit obvious, but most of us are working so hard that we don’t get the proper amount of sleep per night and in return, it causes us to act like workaholic zombies during the day. In the past, I would come home from school or work at the end of the week with a huge headache, so I’d take a nap for even as little as an hour and would wake up feeling much better.


Take A Bubble Bath- I love baths so much! They are completely soothing and are much needed after a tough day. I usually purchase bath salts and bubble bath products with amazing and calming scents such as lavender or sandalwood. If you have some type of ledge around your tub, feel free to light some scented candles to relax yourself even more. My favorite candles ever are the three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works because they last a long time and the aroma takes up the entire room.


Wine- I absolutely love my wine! A glass of red wine at dinner or a glass after a long day at work to unwind. If you would rather drink something non-alcoholic, green tea is also a great drink to have. It’s warm and is a great energy booster.


Healthy Eating- Eating a well balanced diet is essential in order to feel great. Many people enjoy binging out on snack foods when times get a bit too hectic which is alright in moderation, but eating too many processed sugars and fats can cause you to feel sluggish and tired. It’s important to always feel your best and to take care of your body especially when you depend so much on your body to get you through the day.


Music- Music is one of my favorite forms of stress alleviation! You can listen to music no matter what you’re doing. While you’re on your way to work or even while you’re cooking dinner. Listening to music can actually shift your mood completely, taking anything that might be bothering you and throwing it out the window.


Socialize-  It’s perfectly fine to have your alone time while your anxiety level is through the roof, but it’s important to remember not too keep all of your thoughts to yourself when you feel like talking to someone. Have a night out with your girls or even a spa day to spend some quality time with them. Your friends are your backbone and the people who keep you most grounded in life, so when you feel completely overwhelmed, you can be sure they will have your back.


Turn Of  ALL Electronics- Yes, I said it. Turn them off. So much of our lives revolve around social media apps and the constant buzzing of our electronic devices. So, give yourself a real break and turn them off until you have relaxed enough.


These are some of my favorite ways to ease anxiety and stress in my life and I find that I can easily go do these when i’m feeling overly stressed. Like I mentioned before, different people handle stress in different way, so you can always try new things as long as they promote a healthy way of living. Stress can almost be unavoidable, but by using different techniques such as these, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to handle the daily pressures life throws at you and live in peace.

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Dana Monaco

Dana is originally from Chicago and now currently living the dream in Los Angeles with a degree in Interior Design & Architecture. In addition to her passion for design, she has exceptional skills in all areas of art such as acting, singing, dancing, as well as playing multiple musical instruments.