10 Things The Kardashians Do That You Shouldn’t


1) Don’t Diss America’s Sweetheart

OK, we all remember when Kayne West bolted on stage at the VMA’s and took over the mic from Taylor Swift. Everyone hated him for years and thought he was completely out of line, yet that obviously didn’t bother Kim. So what did we learn from this incident, don’t try to take T-Swifts spotlight by being entitled.


2) Don’t Open Your Bedroom to the World

It’s okay to be to scandalous with your man in private, but to let everyone see it without thinking of the consequences is just stupid. Don’t become famous by a sex tape, actually work for what you want.


3) Kylie Lip Challenge: Bring Out the Duck Face

This goes without saying, just don’t do it! Don’t be that girl on the internet thats known for looking absolutely ridiculous.


4) Kardashian for President

When you cant even handle yourself, don’t think you can the world, or even Glendale for that matter. How about working on your life before you think you can lead others.

kim president

5)Intensional Nip Slip

Have some self respect, post pictures where people remember it for you and not your body parts. PAY ATTENTION, don’t be careless, your reputation comes from your actions, people remember EVERY scandal.


6)Annoying Selfies

Don’t have “selfie parties”, know your limit. Be aware of how much your posting, don’t give people reasons to hate you even more.

kim k selfie

7) Feeling 22 with Plastic Surgery

SO let’s just say an ideal present for your 22nd birthday wouldn’t be breast implants. Don’t pull a Kardashian by re-constructing your face or body. Feel beautiful in your own skin and be proud of your appearance.


8) Saying “I do” Has consequences

Remember marriage is for two people that are in love and want to spend their lives together! Don’t just get married because you want to be noticed, get married because your in love! Every girl wants to have a huge wedding and wants to feel like a princess, but wait for that right guy and the right time. DON’T RUSH LOVE, love will happen when its meant to.

kim wedding

9)So I think I’m Pregnant

Be safe and be responsible. When you take one pregnancy test and it says positive +, I am 99% sure that your pregnant, you don’t need to double, triple, or check 20 times to get he confirmation of have a baby in your stomach. Know what you got yourself into and prepare yourself for a life changing experience.


10)“Tipsy Yoga” in Public

Yoga is a fun and relaxing way to relieve stress, it is also great exercise. Yoga isn’t for people that are trying to get attention or disturb your “zen.” Get a drink after yoga, yoga and wine just don’t mix.


Be you, not a Kardashian.

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