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DIY Before Bed Beauty Treatments

We don’t always have the most time to pamper ourselves and develop a beauty regimen during the day, so the best time to do so is usually at night right before bedtime. It’s really quite simple to maintain a beauty routine before bed. You can easily use products you have already in your kitchen as well as ones that aren’t too expensive from the drugstore that work great. There are creams and serums that are too thick to leave on all day, so by applying them at night, you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to do this and you wake up looking fabulous. win, win!


Below I’ve created a list of my favorite DIY before bed beauty treatments that can easily be done at night to have you waking up effortlessly stunning in the morning.


1. Lengthening Lashes 

Before getting some shut eye, apply a thin layer castor oil or petroleum jelly to your eyelashes each night. This will keep them fuller and longer and ready for when you apply your mascara in the morning.


2. Use Proper Bedding

It is said that cotton pillow cases and sheet can actually be more harmful to your skin and hair than softer ones. They tend to cause hair breakage and the pressure from laying on them can cause harmful wrinkles and bags the next day. Try switching over to satin or silk sheets. Not only will it benefit your beauty, you might just be so comfy in those fancy sheets that you’ll be sleeping like a baby.


3. Styling Hair

Doing your hair at night can be a huge time saver to you in the morning. Try braiding your hair before bed or putting it up in a loose bun before bed and your hair will naturally be wavy in the morning.


4. Soft Lips

Wake up with soft, smooth lips by applying lip balm or petroleum jelly to them right before you lay down. Keeping them hydrated at night will have them lipstick ready in the morning.


5. Soft Feet

Start a foot routine at night by exfoliating off the dead skin at the bottoms of your feet. Use a foot scrub and wash it off while you’re taking a shower. Once you get out of the shower, moisturize your feet with some lotion. Do this every night before bed and within that week your feet will feel noticeably softer.


6. Face Routine

One of my favorite DIY before bed beauty treatments would be having a clean face. I love washing all of my makeup off at night and waking up with a fresh face. It is important to also tone and moisturize your face after washing it as well. Do those three steps with a cleanser and face lotion that works best for your skin type.


7. Nourish Your Hair 

Using a leave in conditioner in your hair and in leave it in overnight. Wash it out when you wake up and you’ll be able to feel how soft and healthy your hair is.


8. Nail Treatment

Keep your nails and your nail beds looking healthy and polished by filing them before you fall asleep. Once the nails are smooth, cut any hang nails and apply coconut oil to your cuticles. You can also do this to your feet before you go to sleep.


9. Teeth Whitening 

After you brush your teeth before you go to bed, use a teeth whiting mouth wash or white strips and leave them on for the directed time.  In the morning, you’ll notice an even brighter, whiter smile.


10. Body Moisturizer 

After washing and exfoliating your body in the shower, apply a light weight body lotion to your arms, legs and any other areas that might be dry.


Try to do each of these every night for a few weeks and you will dramatically see a huge improvement in your eyes, lips, skin and hair. Doing these treatments at night will save you time when getting ready in the morning and keep you looking naturally beautiful and healthy.

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