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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday of all time even as an adult! I really do enjoy dressing up, eating candy and having a good time with friends and family, doing all of the Halloween traditions that make the holiday so great. Who wouldn’t?

But the truth is, not all of us feel that it’s necessary to pay sixty to a hundred dollars for a Halloween costume that will only be worn for one day. It’s absolutely possible to have a great Halloween costume on a budget. Here are some of the best DIY Halloween costumes you might want to consider this season if you’re looking to stay within a certain price range.


Rosie The RiveterĀ 

Dressing up as one of the most popular female icons in American history is simple to do! Tie your hair back into a messy ponytail adding a simple read bandana. All you need next is a denim button up shirt and you’re all set.


Sexy Police Officer

This costume is also one that doesn’t require much to be bought. All you’ll need is to get is an officer hat, hand cuffs and and simple navy blue dress. It’s simple, sexy and totally legal.


Sassy Black Cat

If you’re leaning towards a more mysterious costume without spend a lot of money, try being a black cat this year! wear your sexiest black clothes, high boots and all you’ll need to add is a tail and ears that can be purchased at any Halloween store.


Candy Corn

Yes, I said it. You can be the coolest piece of candy out there this year and even make your costume at home! All you’ll need is a long, white t-shirt or dress, some orange and yellow fabric paint and a white hat. Leaving the top part of your shirt white, paint a large orange stripe going around your shirt and a yellow stripe right below it, just like a piece of candy corn! Add your pointed hat and your costume is complete. You can also sew several t-shirts together with the colors if you prefer to do that instead of purchasing fabric paint.


Army Cadet

Feeling patriotic? Be an Army girl this Halloween with simple camouflage shorts and a black tank. You can add an army hat and a bullet sash as well for under ten dollars.


Risky Business

A costume for both men and women is one like Tom Cruise’s character from the movie Risky Business. Men can wear a white button down shirt, sunglasses and boxers. For women, Wear an oversized button down, sunglasses and white high socks for a cuter look!



This is such a fun costume! Become green or red grapes by purchasing a package of green or purple balloons. Blow up the gallons and attach the balloons to your shirt and pants using string or tape until you are completely covered.


Halloween doesn’t have to be super expensive in order for you to have a great night. These and many more costume ideas are easy to do right at home if you’re not looking to spend too much on your costume this year. It’s a simple and fun way to be original, knowing no one else will have a costume like yours. With all the money saved, you’ll have extra to spend on candy or any other Halloween treats this season!



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