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So we’ve rounded back to that time of year again, the time of year where we struggle with what to gift not only those people in our own families, but also those at work!  We haven’t even reached Thanksgiving yet and most stores have skipped straight to December decorations.  This has forced all of us to face the fact that we really should begin looking for holiday gifts because the end of December will be here before we know it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m quite the gift buying procrastinator.  I am a type A “get it done early” person in every other aspect of my life, but when it comes to buying gifts for the holidays you will find me out at the last possible minute.  As a result, over the years I have developed some skills that keep the gift buying not only quick and easy but also extremely efficient.  Now, I won’t lie, I do think about what I am going to gift a person before I actually make it to the store so there is a little planning that goes along with my holiday shopping.  I’m just the person who doesn’t make it to the store until the 11th hour.  For those of you that are like me, or for any of you that struggle with what to buy for those sometimes cheesy but also fun work gift exchanges, I’ve included a few tips below.  Usually there is a dollar limit for these gift exchanges of between $20-$30 which can make a challenging task even more challenging.  Struggle no more, I’ve included some great items that are perfect for the holidays and work appropriate!

Bar Cart Accessories There are so many people who love a great bottle of wine around the holidays.  A great gift for the office can be what I’ve termed “bar cart accessories”.  Items such as bottle stoppers, shakers, wine bottle decorations, etc. can be perfect for a gift exchange.  It’s easy to find something unique and within the confines of your budget!  For example, this Stag Bottle Stopper is the perfect gift and is only $23 from

Planner/Journal A great gift for someone at work or a gift exchange with a dollar limit is a planner or journal for the coming year!  So many people love planners but don’t take the time to get one for themselves.  You can find a great gift with a unique pattern, color, etc. that makes the gift not only practical but also unique.  This Kate Spade planner is the perfect example of a great gift exchange item from

Candles: Candles can be a great gift exchange item.  And I don’t mean just a boring candle in a normal glass jar, I’m talking about something unique that most people won’t go out and buy for themselves.  This lantern candle holder from Anthropologie ( is the perfect unique gift and comes in a range of sizes and prices!

This article was written exclusively for CgC Daily by Alecia Mariana.

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