How to Pack for a Tropical Getaway


The cooler temperatures have me longing to pack my bags and hop on the next jet to a tropical locale. Cabo, St. Thomas, Punta Cana, Antigua…really, anywhere will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cozy fall layers, warm neutrals and pretty much anything flannel, but there is something about the simpler looks I enjoy in the summer months that make dressing so effortless. This definitely makes packing for a tropical getaway a snap. Think dresses, soft tees, a great swim suit, sunscreen and a hat. Done and done. A carry on bag filled with coordinating basics in light-weight fabrics is all you need. Add in some fun accessories and you’re good to go!

If you’re lucky to be heading off on a tropical holiday this winter you must not only pull out your expert  outfit-selecting skills, but your expert packing skills, as well. Below are a few tips and tricks to follow as you prepare for your trip.

The Plastic Bag Trick

Utilize plastic bags to separate outfits, and pack makeup and accessories. This will help keep things organized and also keep clothing safe from any possible toiletry spills.

Traveling Outfit

To ensure that you can fit everything you need in one small carry-one, be sure to wear the bigger or bulkier items on the travel day. This keeps your bag light and manageable. And don’t forget…that beach bag can double as a purse, perfect for holding your wallet, passport, magazines and tablet.

Utilize a Bathing Suit Bag

I’m not sure how I made through the majority of my life without one of these handy little pouches. They are the perfect way to store a wet swim suit for the trip home and ensure that you can enjoy your last day on holiday to the fullest!

This article was written exclusively for CgC Daily by Heidi Dauod.

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