Keys To A Smooth Mercury In Retrograde

You have heard the term going around once or twice that “Mercury is in retrograde”, but what does that really mean and is it something to really consider or is it a superstitious reason for why things seem to go haywire?

Mercury is retrograde is a term to describe a time when Mercury appears to stop in its orbital track and then move forward. This sort of rotation causes chaos and a dysfunctional connection on planet earth. It supposedly happens three times a year for about three weeks at a time. During this time, connections and communication will be hard to make. Phones and internet tend to not work no particular reason at all, relationships end, more fights begin and the world does a 360 for a little while.

So whether you believe it or not, it may just be very true that Mercury is in fact in retrograde causing our world to act out in crazy ways and sending out mass vibrations of disconnect. If so, here are the keys to a smooth Mercury in retrograde.

1. Be sure to avoid any signing of leases, contracts, or any sort of deals during this time. Commitment to anything during this period can result in deep regret.
2. Do not become too committed in a romantic relationship. This is a time where communication is at its worst, so it’s best to wait until both of you can talk about it clearly.
3. Avoid making electronic purchases. Any sort of device used to contact or interact with people can easily break without a clear reason simply because it’s hard to connect with anyone around this time.


Could Mercury in Retrograde really cause such craziness on earth? Some do not take it very seriously which is understandable, but if you do believe that our earth’s rotation can effect the behavior of people as well as the way we communicate, it’s essential to remember that in order to have a smooth Mercury in retrograde, it is key to avoid any type of long term commitments or purchases during this time. Once the time passes, the chaotic disconnect will be over and earth will soon rotate forward again balancing the elements, bringing peace and understand back into focus.

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