What To Know Before Moving In With A New Roommate

Whether you’re in college and you plan on staying on the dorms or moving into an apartment, there comes a time when you may have roommates or housemates to say the least. Sharing any space with a person you haven’t met before can be nerve wracking because you have no idea what to expect. On the other hand, if you do know you’re new roommate, this can sometimes take some of the edge off depending on how well you know them. Here is what to know before moving in with a new roommate.

It’s important to work well with the person you’re living with and ultimately have respect for them. In order to do that, you must get to know them and how they operate. Most likely, you’re roommate will not have the same sleeping and eating regiment as you, so learning those is essential.


Communication- This is a key ingredient to getting along with your new roommate. Talking about the things you don’t like, your daily routines and other topics is the best way to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.


Borrowing And Sharing- When living with a roommate, the benefit of that is not having to buy everything yourself if you both agree to split the bill for any food items or kitchen appliances. Maybe one week, you agree to buy the milk and the next week your roommate can? Switching off in that way is a money saver for the both of you.


Set Boundaries- Express to your roommate the things you absolutely need them to know. Remember to be courteous when explaining to them, what you do and do not prefer.


Respect- This is another key ingredient to getting along. You must remember to not only respect them, but also to respect their space. If your roommate is sleeping and you want to listen to music, put in headphones so you don’t disturb them. Simple respectful gestures can go a long way.


Cleanliness- Be sure to keep your own things in the room organized and clean. Acquire regular cleaning schedules where you and your roommate can switch off sweeping, mopping and cleaning the bathroom. Also, be sure not to leave your dirty dishes in the sink too long because your roommate will most likely need the sink to do her dishes as well.


Overall, Getting a new roommate is an exciting time giving you a great opportunity to make a new friend. Getting along with your roommate and avoiding any type of argument is crucial to your overall well being. Respecting their boundaries and communicating is what is need for that healthy environment. Knowing this will have you looking back in the future, remembering all the memories you had with your roommate!


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