Millennials Need to Embrace the Unknown of Their Future

Our twenties are for us to find out who we are and discover our purpose in life right? We are still being adventurous, trying to figure out what we look for in a partner, and trying to figure out where we are meant to plant our roots and spend our life. You have to be young and stupid in order to be old and wise.

I know not being exactly where you want to be in life is discouraging. You aren’t making enough money in your eyes for what you want or you’re not working in the ideal company you’ve dreamed of but you know what thats okay. Being in your twenties is that great awkward time to experiment, make mistakes, and be an idiot. Don’t punish yourself for trying to figure your life out. Being unemployed or not having an exact direction can sometimes actually be more helpful rather than hurtful. Enjoy the free time you have while you can, you just finished a degree and now have more time to explore the world around you, take full advantage of this!

Use this time to intern with a company that has possible growth, or intern in addition to a job. Keep working at your job, but have an internship thats another interest or possibility for you. Give yourself options, interning doesn’t always have to feel like a “waste of time” if your not getting paid. It’s an experience in itself, its letting yourself gain more knowledge to figure out where your meant to go. You never know what can come from an internship, you can meet so many people that can influence your future or guide you in the direction of your goal. Network, be outgoing, and ask endless amounts of questions!

Not only can you intern, you can volunteer your time, help others if you can’t exactly help yourself. Never pass up an opportunity to put yourself in an unfamiliar environment and see how you handle it. Be a problem solver, listen to your gut, and make your own path. Volunteering can give you the opportunity to meet new people and open your eyes to a different way of life.

Being jobless or not having an exact plan or direction is not a bad thing. Sometimes you need to regroup, refocus, and discover your passion again. Refuel that passion and really figure out what you want in life. After all, don’t you want to be young, wild, and free as long as you can?


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