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Although we’re right in the middle of summer, some of us still need coffee every morning.¬†But there’s nothing more irritating than waiting in line just for your daily dose of caffeine, especially when you’re in a rush. What if we told you that you no longer have to wait in line? Wouldn’t that be just a dream come true? Well, now you can live that dream thanks to Starbucks!

A few months ago there was a rumor that Starbucks would start delivering this spring. Now, I know that for most of us that’d be glorious but unfortunately that didn’t happen. However, they did accomplish something that’ll make our lives a little easier! Now you can order ahead and simply pick up, you no longer have to make tedious lines to get your¬†favorite Starbucks drink.

Ordering through the Starbucks app is one of the greatest things that has happened! There’s so many ways to customize your drink that you probably didn’t know about. When ordering a frappuccino we discovered that you can chose how many pumps of frappuccino roast you’d like, you can also add protein and fiber powder, frappuccino chips or vanilla bean powder, and in case you didn’t know you can also add banana! While I’m sure you know you can chose how many shots you want I bet you didn’t know you have decaf options, such as 1/2 decaf, 1/3 decaf, 2/3 decaf and decaf. Then you can chose the sauces or syrups for your drink, the toppings (whipped cream, caramel drizzle, etc), what kind of milk and of course the amount of ice desired.

Just think about how much easier your morning will be when you order and pay ahead! This convenience is only available through the iPhone Starbucks app, Android users will have to wait a little longer as they’re trying o build it into the app. But for you apple users, all you have to do is select your nearest location, chose your beverage, pay and when it’s time for you to pick up your order you can simply walk up to the pick up area and receive your order.

Getting coffee has never been easier, order your drink through the iphone app. In case you don’t have it, you can download it here.

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