The Perfect Brunch to Celebrate Fall

Now that Fall is here, we have to celebrate! It’s time for crispy mornings, rosy cheeks, and walks in the park. That energizing cold air that fills our mornings can be coupled with the most wonderful thing invented by humans: brunch.

Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect occasion to sit with family or friends, give a great start to your day and it certainly make weekends more appealing. Why not prepare an indulging feast to welcome the new season surrounded by your loved ones?

Arrange a beautiful table the night before. Choose a color palette that includes earth tones and get inspired by the changing colors of the trees. Add a twist to your decor if you would like: a little bit of moss or dried leaves instead of flowers will set your guests into that Fall mood. Since morning light at this time of the year is subtle, add a couple of candles but avoid scented ones. You don’t want their fragrance to interfere with the food! Finally, think about some relaxed but joyful music to play during your brunch because it will create a welcoming atmosphere.

Brunch is a fantastic moment to treat yourself. Choose a comfortable outfit that makes you feel good and pretty: boyfriend jeans, ballerinas, and a cozy light jumper are perfect, for instance. Put some light make up on, so that you feel confident and natural. Add a messy hairdo and you will look like the perfect hostess. Your casual attire will make your guests feel at home and relaxed. It’s all about an easy amicable morning!

Wake up early, enjoy a nice walk down to your favorite bakery and sip on your favorite drink while you wait for your order. Fresh baked bread and pastries are a must! The smell of croissants is always a morning crowd pleaser! Once you are back at home, put on your favorite music and start cooking!

Choose a simple but scrumptious menu. You can prepare a main dish like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, Gruyère and leek gourmet bagels, avocado and bacon bruschetta… It has to be something comforting, easy, tasty and, of course, homemade. Serve a nice cheese platter, too. No brunch is completed without a cheese platter! Before buying different kinds of cheeses, don’t be afraid to ask the clerk which ones go better together, in which order you should serve them, how you should accompany them, etc. Cheese platters are a science of their own and if you are unsure, just ask.

You can also add some nice Spanish, French, or Italian cold meats. The secret is to buy the best produce you can afford. It’s better to offer a small amount of great quality treats, than a huge mediocre selection. Go gourmet if you can.

To finish it off, offer your guests a nice choice of marmalades, yogurt, and fruits to freshen their palates. Something sweet but healthy. Choose seasonal Fall fruits: figs, grapes, apples, pears, pomegranates or berries. What about a nice fruit salad? Oh! And, of course, don’t forget coffee, tea and freshly squeezed orange juice. Again, it’s always better to offer just one kind of freshly squeezed juice than several bottles of different one bought at the supermarket.

Once your guests arrive, sit with them and enjoy. Make them know that they are in for a treat! And you too!

This article was written exclusively for CgC Daily by Emma Maddalosso

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