Things To Look Forward To In the Fall

Hey readers! It’s Alana Udwin here from Joller Girl. Although I reside in South Florida, I still absolutely relish the fall season! The weather outside finally cools down from that summer heat and there is a plethora of enjoyable festivities to look forward to! I’m so excited for all the fun to begin! Below are things worth getting hyped about for the fall…

1. Sweater Weather / Boot Weather. There’s so much shopping to do for the fall season! It’s time to layer up those chunky sweaters and wrap those scarves around your neck. In addition, snag a cute pair of booties that look trendy with any outfit.

2. Cozy Up By the Fireplace. There’s nothing better than cooking a delicious meal, spending time with family, and relaxing by the fireplace while you keep warm. Have meaningful conversations, tell a bunch of your favorite stories and bond with the your dear family members and close friends. Grab some apple cider to sip on, as well.

3. Pumpkin Patches and Hay Rides. Time to hit those fall festivals! Scavenge for the perfect pumpkins to decorate your house with and enjoy a thrilling hay ride on a crisp fall day.

4. Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. No words needed.

5. Colorful Leaves. They are so vibrant! I’m really intrigued by all of the crafts and DIY projects you can do with fall leaves as seen on Pinterest.

6. Football. Mondays won’t be as depressing now thanks to Monday Night Football. Whether you watch the game or not, it’s still fun to sit around the television with your family and friends while they scream at the screen and you just eat the junk food snacks.

7. Halloween / Thanksgiving. Two of the greatest holidays! Dressing up for Halloween is always a blast, and cooking a decadent Thanksgiving meal feels incredibly rewarding because it takes so much preparation!

I hope you are as excited for the fall as I am! Enjoy every moment of it because it will be winter before you know it!

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