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Best Skincare For Cystic Acne

I don’t know about you but I was extremely lucky in high school and had really clear skin for the most part, then I turned 23 and developed terrible hormonal cystic acne. I saw several different dermatologists and tried a ton of different products. I was certain there would be some magical product that would cure it. But honestly it’s a combination of things that have helped.

First and most important when you suffer from cystic acne is finding a dermatologist that works for you. I finally found an amazing dermatologist who listens to me and also factors in the products I choose to use and gives me advice on what to use. I can’t tell you how many dermatologists told me to stop using all my fancy products and just use Cetaphil. However Cetaphil, while helpful to some, was terrible for my skin.
I do still like to keep my skin care really simple and I have found some brands that are absolutely love for helping soothe and shrink hormonal acne.

Next the products you put on your face can help soothe and shrink the acne significantly. These specific products are the ones that I’ve found work best.

hormonal skincare

Caudalie, a french skincare line made from grape seeds. I adore this brand, not only does it smell lovely, but it’s incredibly soothing for your skin. Whenever my acne is sore I always reach for these products. My favorites from the this brand are the Makeup Removing Cleansing Water, Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Purifying Face Mask

Liz Earle, a British Beauty brand which comes from the Isle of Wright, is famous for their hot cloth cleanser which I adore, and is fabulous for removing your makeup. Making sure you get all of your makeup off at the end of the day is incredibly important for keeping acne at bay. Plus this saves you the step of exfoliating again as you use a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser. I’m also a big fan of their deep cleaning face mask.

Kiehl’s, this is my favorite skincare brand, beginning as an apothecary shop in the East Village, New York in 1851. Honestly this is the best brand I’ve used for my acne prone skin. I adore their Rare Earth and Blue Herbal lines. Their Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask is lovely for acne prone skin, especially. Honestly if you try nothing else I fully recommend this mask.

Tips: Keeping your skin exfoliated is important, acne often occurs when sebum gets trapped under loose skin cells on your face.

You may think that skipping moisturizer will help prevent acne, but that isn’t true. If you use drying acne products and then don’t moisturizer your skin with an oil free moisturizer made for acne prone skin, then your skin will only produce more oil which will in turn cause more acne.

Clay based cleansers and masks are amazing for cystic acne. Most acne masks you find will have some sort of clay in it.

If you feel like doing a whole mask or acne treatment is too drying for use over your entire face, then try using the mask or treatment as a spot treatment on just the trouble areas.

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