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It’s finally Summer! Isn’t summer suppose to be a small break from reality, stress free even? Well, this summer is quite the opposite for me personally, I just graduated from college. Being a graduate changes a lot about your next steps into adulthood. Your coming from this routine of homework, dealing with deadlines, studying, group projects, internships, etc. Now all of that goes away and your left with debt, a degree, and no job offers.. Where do you go from here?

  1. Networking/Social Media: Networking for our generation is crucial! Knowing what social media fits best for you and the industry your looking to be apart of. Watch what you post, no drinking and tweeting anymore! This is the time of your life where all your hard work has paid off and you are waiting for those job offers to come piling in! Don’t mess up that chance because of that drunk photo from the weekend or that stupid drunk tweet from last night. Pay attention to what social media your favorite companies are using, make sure you have accounts on these platforms and know how to use them! Selling yourself is crucial, make your self seen and your name heard.

2. Update & perfect your resume: Double and triple check that resume! Make sure there are no small errors, everything is in place and all your information is up to date. Double, triple, even quadruple check it. Make sure your cover letter and resume are cohesive, you want to make sure you look put together on paper or they won’t even bother considering you in person. Making  a good impression without them physically seeing you can be tough, so don’t let something small like a spelling error make or break this next job opportunity.

3. Create business cards, put yourself out there: Put a face to your name. Get yourself out there, be social! You are aloud to go out and have fun, mine as well network while your doing it! You want people to remember your name and be able to put your face to it, be outgoing, interesting, sociable and intelligent. Talk about what you know, don’t brag, but show your confidence! Give business cards to possible people you think maybe valuable to you in the future. You never know who could help you down the line, don’t burn bridges.

4. Get on a budget (You don’t want to live at moms forever): OKAY we all DON’T want to live with our parents until were 30, but sometimes those loans and credit card bills start piling up all too quickly. Make a budget for yourself, know what you need to have monthly and give yourself a time frame on when you want the debt paid off. Work on one credit card at a time in addition to your other bills/loan payments. Focus more on one credit card, put more than the minimum on this card each month, on the other cards do the minimum. After you have got that one credit card down and paid off, move onto the next card. Have a plan, pay attention to your spending and budget! If you have a strategy and a goal, your going to pay your debt off faster, trust me!

5. Work to get experience & to gain more skills: If you don’t have your ideal career yet don’t get worked up about it. Work where you can right now, this doesn’t mean it will be forever. You may work your way up in the company or you may only work for 6 months then get another job offer and move on. Dont turn down opportunity that can give you experience and knowledge for your future. Take the offers you know you will excel at and that you are confidence with. Dont sell yourself short, you will get there at the right time.

Timing is crucial, when your meant to be get there you will, not a minute or second sooner. Be patient  with yourself. What’s for you will not pass you. All your hard work will pay off. Give yourself a break and some time to enjoy your summer too, you are a graduate now! You are a young adult who has accomplished something big, don’t forget that!

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Nik Mastrosimone

I am a recent FIDM grad and currently reside in the city of dreams, Los Angeles California. I've always been a fashion enthusiast, my passion for the fashion world grows each day as I continue to gain knowledge of this industry. In my near future I hope to create a women's clothing brand. I hope that with this brand I can eventually collaborate with prestigious designers and retailers in the industry. My overall goal is to be an asset to the fashion industry and make a difference in the fashion community.. I have an A.A.S degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and an A.A. degree in Merchandise Marketing. I have my own blog www.fourbiddenfashion.com, in addition to working for CGC Daily!