Moving On From Heartbreak

Every so often, we meet someone really special and close to our hearts and over time, we become attached to being around them and getting to know who they are. Once we get to know someone really well, it’s quite devastating when we are no longer able to be around them anymore.¬†When being in a relationship, it’s easy to become so engulfed in the other person that you almost forget how life was before you even met them. You start to really care about them and they can become a huge part of your life.

More often than not, relationships tend to break apart for several different reasons. Whether it is love or a deep connection you shared with this person, losing them in any way hurts more than anything. Nothing feels worse than being so close with someone and then realizing that you won’t be sharing special moments together any longer. This time can be an emotional roller coaster effecting not only the person going through the heartbreak, but family and friends around as well. Moving on from heartbreak is a process that only time can heal, but with the right method, you can find ways to move on properly.



In the beginning of a painful breakup, it seems impossible to get through the day. Between crying and sleepless nights, you still have to find a way to continue your life whether that is school or your job. Whatever you would normally do. It’s nearly impossible, I know. Losing someone you dated or even a lost friendship can be the equivalent to a death depending on how long you dated for and how much time you spent together. Once you have really given yourself the proper amount of time to grieve your relationship, you need to push yourself to get back on your feet.

The best way to start feeling better is by staying busy. Whatever busy might mean to you, whether it’s taking on more hours at work or more classes in school, be productive and work hard. At first it will be extremely difficult, but work hard to benefit YOURSELF because you deserve it!

During this tough time, I find that it’s important to have some really great, close friends you can confide in. Hang out with your friends and go out with them (when you’re ready to). If you still don’t feel like being social, invite some of your closest friends over for movie and junk food night. It’s always best to not be so alone when you’re upset so you aren’t constantly thinking about it.

You will probably feel some type of emptiness and lots of loneliness, but truly is in these darkest times that we must be strong. It maybe very cliché, but this is the best time to put yourself first. What are your biggest dreams? What do you want out of life? What do you hope to personally accomplish in your career/ life? Now is the time to explore your options. Take up a hobby, travel or learn a new language. The world is yours for the taking.

The amount of time it takes to move on from heartbreak differs depending on the person, but in time, everything really does get better even if it doesn’t seem that way in the moment. Just remember your current situation is not your final destination. Life goes on and soon enough, you will too.

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Dana Monaco

Dana is originally from Chicago and now currently living the dream in Los Angeles with a degree in Interior Design & Architecture. In addition to her passion for design, she has exceptional skills in all areas of art such as acting, singing, dancing, as well as playing multiple musical instruments.