Pack Like A Pro: Packing Tips

Pack Like A Pro: 10 Packing Tips

For someone who continuously travels back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles frequently, I have learned a lot about traveling with large suitcases and the best way to pack all your bags properly. I find that packing can cause serious stress when it’s not done correctly and efficiently. To help avoid that stress, here are ways you can pack like a pro and learn the best packing tips for every trip.

1. Check your airlines policy on number of suitcases you are able to carry on to the plane and how many bags you can check in. Typically, most airlines will let you take two suitcases and one carry on for free, but you could be charged a fee for anything weighing over 50lbs. Make sure to weigh your bags once you’re fully packed.

2. Remember that there is usually no real weigh limit for your carry on bags, so try to pack some of your heavier items that can be brought on board in your carry-on back and leave the lighter items such as clothes, pajamas and undies in your check-in luggage.

3. It’s not always great to open your bags once you land and smell that your clothes you just washed before packing do not smell as fresh as they used to be before you packed them. To keep your clothes smelling laundry fresh, place a few dryer sheets in your suitcases before you head off to the airport.

4. Pack your jewelry, accessories and clothing all is separate sections of your suitcases. Get a little Ziplock bag or pill container and put your necklaces, rings and bracelets in them as well as your scarves and belts in another compartment of your bag to keep them organized throughout the trip.

5. Rolling all of your clothes instead of folding them in your bag with save you so much room and baggage space to pack more clothes.

6. Label your suitcases as “fragile” before heading off to the airport. The airport staff will often be more careful with your baggage and load them onto the conveyor belt before others . This means no more long waits at baggage claim!

7. Wrap any fragile items such as glass and ceramics in tissue paper to prevent them from breaking. If you do not have any tissue paper, try using some towels you plan to bring along with you.

8. Put items such as toothpaste, nail polish, shampoo and other toiletries in separate bags and compartments of the suitcase that way they won’t damage or spill on any of your clothes

9. Try not to overpack. Think about the items you will really need on this trip. Ask yourself how long you will be staying and take into account what the type of weather is like at the destination you are traveling to. If you are headed towards a warmer, tropical climate, you might not need to bring too many clothes. Some lighter tops and shorts as well as a few cute pairs of shoes could be all that you end up wearing. If you are going to a colder climate, pack your warmest sweaters and jackets that you know will keep you warm once you arrive.

10. To keep things sanitary throughout your trip, travel with mini hand sanitizer and pack your own pillows and sheets depending on what kind of hotel you are staying in. Try to stay as clean as possible by washing your hands when you use the airport bathroom as well.

Anyone who can figure out how to pack like a pro for their travels will end up being a lot more prepared for any situation during their flight. Booking the right hotels and getting the best deals on flights can already be overwhelming  to anyone looking to travel. To have everything set and secure in your luggage will save you time and money by ensuring none of your items will be damaged during the trip. The best packing tips are a surefire ways for anyone traveling to stay organized and enjoy their whole traveling experience.




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